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Fitness on 25th, YWCA News

Beginning June 22nd, we will slowly start to introduce Group Fitness classes. 

A modified group fitness class schedule is in place for this summer. We will continue to offer virtual classes via Zoom and a few in-person group fitness classes. Please check our class schedule.

We are planning a fall schedule of Group Fitness, Yoga and Aqua Fitness classes much like our regular schedule.

Features of our in-person Group Fitness Classes include:

  • Reduced schedule to start
  • Beginning June 28th, all classes can be booked a maximum of seven days in advance.
  • Reduced capacity limits
  • No sharing of equipment
  • Masks are recommended before and after each class group fitness class and are not allowed while particiapting in an Aqua Fitness Class (while in the water).
  • Maintain 2 metres of social distancing at all times. This distance is expanded to four metres for classes where the effort required is considered intense (high heart rate).

Room Limits for the the Weight Room, Group Fitness Classes and Yoga. 

  • Yoga Studio: Limit of 11 per Yoga class
  • Gymnasium for Group Fitness: Limit of 11 for all grout fitness classes
  • Weight Room: limit of 20 (beginning June 22nd) for the weight room including use of 0ur cardio mezzanine.
  • Aqua Fitness: the swimming pool reopens August 4th with a limit of 18 persons for aqua fitness classes and 8 for lane swims (maximum of two swimmers per lane).

You are welcome to call the fitness centre for updates on how busy we are at 306-244-7034 Ext. 850. As of the end of July and since opening June 8th we have yet to have an hour when the weight room was full.