Fitness Classes at the YWCA

A Fitness on 25th membership gives you access to any group fitness class you want, at no additional cost. The most common goals of these classes are to provide:

A great experience: our classes are designed to be fun with friendly instructors.

A challenge designed for you: regardless of your fitness level, we strive to set an environment where all are welcome. Our instructors make their classes scalable, so that all participants can benefit.

Information: we go beyond entertainment so that you learn along with us – about what works for you, and how you can best achieve your personal health and wellness goals in a way that minimizes injuries.

Safety: having a safe environment is very important to us. Across all classes and facilities, we strive not only for physical safety, but a feeling of safety, too. We are a place where everyone is welcome.

All abilities can attend classes – instructors will provide modifications and exercises to accommodate all fitness levels. If you have questions about specific classes or intensity levels, please see the class descriptions below.

Group Classes


These classes will bring increased strength and flexibility to the body, coupled with deep relaxation and meditation. The five points of yoga are emphasized here: proper exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, and thinking. Check our expanded Yoga Class offerings for options prior to or after your workday, noon classes, and our popular Saturday morning class. 

Obstacle Course

Our popular Obstacle Course class has been described as recess for adults! We set the gymnasium with a challenging circuit of movements and exercises designed to provide a great balance of strength, cardiovascular challenges, and basic gymnastic movements. Go around the circuit once as a warm-up for your weight room workout, or go around three to five times for a full workout. It’s up to you to use the class the way you want, and the circuit is always different so every course is new, fun, and challenging! 

Core Plus

A half-hour hardcore core workout that uses a variety of equipment to blast your abs, instructed by Certified Personal Trainers (CPT). 

Prehab (formerly Mobility 101)

Our Prehab class does more than just stretch soft tissue (muscles). Using items such as resistance bands, mini bands, foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and other tools, we will help you improve your mobility, flexibility, and knowledge of strength movement. Instead of rehabbing an injury, learn how to move properly every day with Prehab! 


This class is designed for older adults who are interested in the physical benefits gained from a progressive strength training program. It is ideal for people with bone density challenges, and/or a person who is new to strength training. The exercises will help improve your movement and mobility, while enhancing your personal independence through gains in physical strength. Classes often use a series of strength training exercises in a chair, with methods like exercise tubing and light weights to achieve muscle gains and improve bone density. 

Y-Fit 50 Plus

Our Y-Fit 50 Plus classes are designed for those aged 50 and older, who are looking to improve their strength and functional fitness through a fun group experience. 

Y-Fit Metabolic

Our Y-Fit Metabolic class will get your heart rate up through an intense metabolic conditioning experience. Every class is designed to benefit experienced and brand-new members alike.

Y-Fit Strength

Our Y-Fit Strength class focuses on building strength and has less focus on metabolic conditioning. This class will lead you through strength movements with emphasis on safely building muscular capacity. Learn and use pulls, pushes, squats, lunges, loaded carries, swings and hinges.

Y-Fit Intro

Our general Y-Fit classes cover all aspects of a functional fitness class experience. Each class is unique with its own focus – metabolic conditioning, strength development, basic gymnastic movements, prehab exercises, and so on. The goal is to keep you healthy and fully functional in heart health, muscular strength, and mobility through a variety of programming experiences.

Class Schedule

Use the schedule button below to find a class that works for you. If you have limitations on mobility, strength, or cardiovascular ability, you can sort classes by intensity level for best results.