Contributing to the Social Good

Host a Social Good Party

Donations don’t have to be all about math and budgets! If you want to make a big splash for your donation, consider hosting a Social Good party. These mini-fundraisers, organized for the community and led by you, are simple to plan and pull off – simply pick a date, invite your friends, collect financial or item donations for the YWCA, and promote the cause on social media. And don’t forget to have a good time!

Social Good parties are a form of peer-to-peer fundraisingmade famous with movements like Movember and the Ice Bucket Challenge. These social fundraising ideas are fun ways to support the causes important to you.

Some ideas for Social Good parties:

  1. Holiday or birthday parties where donations are made in lieu of gifts
  2. Baking exchanges where everyone swaps fresh baking and contributes to a donation pool
  3. Staff parties where donations can be collected in lieu of ticket sales

How Your Donations Help

Your donations contribute to a Saskatoon without violence, homelessness, or poverty – a Saskatoon where we make a difference together. All the funds you raise through your Social Good campaign stay right here in our community and are directed immediately to fund programs related to three key issues: violence against women, homelessness and poverty reduction.

We provide services to individuals and families when they have nowhere else to go. Our services help them get back on their feet, gain necessary life skills, and make a fresh start. We cannot do this without community support- meaning we cannot do it without you.