Turning Points Transitional Housing Program

YWCA Saskatoon’s Turning Points was developed as a response to the need for long-term support for many of the crisis shelter residents. It is a transitional housing program that offers a safe, affordable, and supportive environment for 14 women who are ready and willing to change their lives, for up to one year. Through this program, women have the opportunity to create a stable foundation on which they can build a fulfilling, independent life.

Turning Points clients receive:

  1. 24-hour support
  2. Counselling to help develop life skills and set achievable goals
  3. Referrals and connections to community resources
  4. Assistance in obtaining gainful employment
  5. Access to treatment for mental health and addiction issues
  6. A place to feel safe and recover from bad life situations

An affordable cost of living ($459/month)

Mother and baby sitting on bed

Thank you, Turning Points, for helping me renew the courage and resilience in my life.

Grace, Turning Points Client
Woman smiling while sitting on couch

That’s what this place is – a way to turn your life over. It gives the opportunity to decide which way you want your life to go.

Turning Points Client
Woman smiling in hallway

I’m so glad you are here for the women, when they are ready to start healing and to help us move forward. Thank you for your kindness and your support. I thought there was no one who cared but there is. This is a safe, wonderful place for women, children, and youth. Accepting of who you are and when you get here and help you on your journey

Theresa, Turning Points Client

Applying for Turning Points

To enter the program, women must go through a referral and interview process, and demonstrate a willingness to make daily connections in the community. They can be referred by workers from other agencies or refer themselves, but the key is that the program is entered voluntarily, with the will to make real changes in their lives.