One-on-one Training at the YWCA

Having a dedicated trainer invested in your success can be immensely helpful as you work toward your goals. Our passionate and professional training staff will help you discover the workouts, dietary needs, and problem areas to focus on that will give you the best results for your body, creating a customized workout plan and guidance for your training sessions – all delivered for a reasonable rate.

Session Length 1 Session 3 Sessions 5 Sessions 10 Sessions
60 minutes $75.00* $191.00* $300.00* $565.00* (our most popular package)

*All rates subject to GST.
Non-Member Training Rate (1 hour) $65 plus our drop in rate.

Group Training at the YWCA

You can create your own small training group with one of our personal trainers as your guide. Your and your friends can buy a series of small group personal training sessions and achieve your goals together. A small training group will help you stay committed to your fitness goals and have fun at the same time.

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Group of 2

$136 or $68 per session per person

Group of 2

3X 60 Minutes sessions $344 or $57 per session per person

Group of 2

10X 60 Minutes sessions $1013 or $51 per session per person

Group of 3

60 Minutes $360.00

Group of 4

60 Minutes $420.00

Our Fitness Team

Our trainers have spent years gaining the skills, perspectives, and passion necessary to help you achieve your fitness goals. The trainers and fit staff are CSEP certified. What that means to our members is that they receive the highest level of expertise you can get in health and fitness professionals.

To achieve the Certified Personal Trainer certification our trainers have completed a minimum of 2 years in Kinesiology and pass a rigorous exam which includes several practical applied hours of training.

To achieve CEP certification our trainers must complete 4 year Kinesiology degree and complete 300 hours of practical study. This certification allows trainers to work with high performance athletes, general populations, and varied clinical populations.