Many Hearts, One Community

YWCA Saskatoon is a welcoming and vibrant community-based organization that provides preventative and emergent services to women and their families. Since 1910, we have been a place for people to find stability, grow together, overcome personal obstacles, and gain a new respect for their abilities and passion.

Our Mission

Honouring our commitment to women’s issues, we provide services, programs and advocacy to advance reconciliation, independence, wellness and equal opportunities.

YWCA Saskatoon’s Vision and Values

Though our facilities, staff, and resources have changed since we began, our vision and our goals have not – and we remain just as committed to them today as we were when our doors opened.


We honour differences in ethnicity, religion, sexuality, socioeconomic status, abilities, and ideas. We recognize the value of differences, and demonstrate flexibility in the creation and implementation of programs and procedures for staff and clients. 


We uphold the dignity of others through our actions and words, embracing differences and treating others with respect. We understand, consider, and appreciate the ideas and opinions of everyone. 


We  conduct our social and business interactions with honesty and transparency, living purposefully to instill trust in others. We follow through on our promises and commits, creating a welcoming and fun environment for everyone. 


We communicate with openness and honesty, encouraging two-way communication and creating consistent standards and norms for sharing information. 


We value individual strengths within a team, and encourage collaboration and cooperation between individuals and departments. We build a culture of camaraderie, with a welcoming environment for all.

Strategic Priorities of YWCA Saskatoon

There are four strategic goals of our organization: Advocacy and Awareness; Our People; Programs and Services; and Stewardship. Each strategic goal identifies key success metrics and the strategies we will use to achieve them. Each year, an operating plan and scorecard is developed, outlining tactics and applicable measures of success.

Healthy Organization and Sustainable Finances

Improve sustainable employee engagement through organizational practices while securing annualized funding for core and priority programs.


Champion public support on priority issues in alignment with YWCA Saskatoon vision and mission.

Community Relations and Collaborations

Increase community awareness and support of YWCA Saskatoon’s vision and mission to achieve our goals.

Positive and Effective Diversity and Inclusion

Develop capacity within YWCA Saskatoon to include the voices, strengths, and perspectives of all members of society to ensure inclusiveness and diversity in the organization.

Learning and Leadership

Empower women and girls to make a difference in our community.

In search of a rewarding job that has a direct and positive impact on the community? You’ll get that and much more when you work for the YWCA in Saskatoon!

Show Your Support

Your continued support, sponsorships, donations, and volunteerism helps thousands of women and families in Saskatoon each year. With your help, we provide access to programs, give necessary care and assistance, and share in mutual successes that ripple out to everyone in our community.