YWCA Saskatoon commits to ongoing, meaningful and action-led truth and reconciliation through:

Culturally supportive spaces and programming.

Elder and Indigenous-led smudging ceremonies, medicine wheel teachings, cultural healing circles and cultural programming including traditional crafting, cooking and more.


Partnering with Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan.

YWCA Saskatoon’s policies, programming and initiatives comprehensively assessed through ‘Honouring Her Spark: A Saskatchewan Indigenous Women’s Economic Framework ‘.

Full report on assessment with recommendations prioritized by YWCA Saskatoon’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee.

Supporting employee learning and personal reconciliation journeys.

Elder and Indigenous-led cultural awareness training for all employees.

Actionable truth and reconciliation learning goals embedded into all employee performance plans.

Building culturally supportive second-stage housing.

New transitional housing wing with additional 35 units and 71 beds.

24/7 trauma-informed support.

Indigenous-led programming and availability of materials for traditional Indigenous healing practices.

Spaces for cultural connection and programming.

Engaging in a comprehensive review of Women of Distinction Awards.

We heard concerns voiced about last year’s program and acknowledge the tension around how the awards reflect our community’s diversity. We take feedback seriously and have spent the last year reflecting and engaging with critical voices to review the awards. We know truth and reconciliation is a continuous and complex journey, where there is always more work to be done. We humbly vow to continue doing this work and acknowledge and own where we’ve fallen short along the way.

The Women of Distinction Awards are a vital platform celebrating remarkable women making an impact in our community.  As we look ahead to this year’s program, we look forward to delivering a Women of Distinction Awards that honours the diverse achievements of women in our community, in a manner that truly represents our goal of empowering women in Saskatoon.

Read our Truth and Reconciliation Award 2023 Statement here.