YWCA Saskatoon Social Good


YWCA Social Good parties are mini fundraisers organized by YOU!

1. Pick a date for your Social Good party.

2. Invite all your friends.

3. Collect donations for the YWCA. Your friends can donate online and mention the party organizer’s name.

4.  Go wild on social media! Use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to share your party pictures and use hashtags like #partywithapurpose #SocialGood #shinealightontheholidays #gratitude

Donate Now

What your donations do:

With YWCA Social Good, you are helping create a Saskatoon without violence, homelessness, or poverty. We want to make a difference and we hope you do, too. Hosting a Social Good party is an opportunity for you to have fun with your friends and also make a difference in your community at the same time. All the funds you raise through your mini Social Good campaign stay right here in our community and are directed immediately to fund programs related to three key issues: violence against women, homelessness and poverty reduction.

We provide services to individuals and families when they have nowhere else to go. Our services help them get back on their feet, gain necessary life skills, and make a fresh start. We cannot do this without community support and that’s why we need YOU.

What is Peer to Peer Fundraising?

Peer to Peer Fundraising is one way to raise funds for a charitable organization, when one person invites her/his network of friends and family to raise funds collectively. It’s also called Social Fundraising. You might be familiar with the Prostate Cancer “Movember” mustache challenge, or the ALS social media phenomenon the “Ice Bucket Challenge.”

YWCA Social Good parties are our way of doing Peer to Peer Fundraising.

Social Good Parties

Turn your function into a Social Good fundraiser!

When you plan a social event—whether it’s a holiday party or special workplace event with your customers or staff—you can make a difference in our community by collecting donations for the YWCA. We can help you get started with ideas, invitations, or party planning tips. We would love to help you turn your function into a fundraiser.

“My friends and I have supported the YWCA for almost a decade. I’m always surprised how many of them ask when I’m hosting my annual YWCA party. Some have even gone on to host their own.”

— Cynthia Block

Fresh Ideas for Social Good

  • Have a holiday party and tell your friends to skip the hostess gift; just ask them to make a small donation to the YWCA
  • If you’re not sure what you really need for a birthday gift, ask your friends to make a donation for Social Good in your name
  • Try a baking exchange party where everyone brings a cash donation for Social Good plus some home baking to share and sample
  • At your next staff party, collect donations for Social Good in lieu of selling tickets