Featured Donor Stories

A huge thank you to the Brownlee Family Foundation for their transformational $2 million gift

Thanks to Ina Lou and Wayne Brownlee’s critical timing of this generous gift, the YWCA is able to move forward with the greater scale of the expansion project: 35 new self-contained and multi-bedroom units – giving a place and time for women and their families to regroup and rebuild.

“We are investing in the YWCA Saskatoon because we want to help change lives in the community,” said Ina Lou Brownlee. “We hope this gift will inspire others to help more women and children.”

The Brownlee Family Foundation gift means the YWCA Saskatoon can more than double our capacity so we can welcome more women and children in their time of need.

Assante Financial Management Ltd. – Spadina Branch Advisors Donate $100,000 to the Hope Lives Here Campaign

The Assante Financial Management Ltd.  – Spadina Branch Advisors, believe in supporting their community here in Saskatoon.

They know that providing physical safety for women and children fleeing abusive situations is the first step in helping these women rebuild their lives. The safe living spaces and career training at the YWCA Saskatoon can additionally offer these women the full support they need.

The financial advisors of Assante Financial Management Ltd. – Spadina Branch, Cara Martens, Shannon Briske, Byron Briske, Kjell Johnston, and Brad McGinnis, all agreed, “There is no better way to strengthen our community than to support women striving to make a better life for themselves and their children.”  They believe if they can help one woman or one family break the cycle of abuse permanently it will benefit the community for years to come.

In recognition of their commitment to the YWCA Saskatoon mission, the YWCA Saskatoon Reception and Registration Desk will be named in honour of the Spadina branch advisors. This will stand as a testament to the positive influence they’ve had on the well-being of women and children within our community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your generosity and for assisting us in maintaining a vibrant sense of hope here at the YWCA Saskatoon.

Transforming Lives - Jacqueline and David Conway Donate $100,000 to the Hope Lives Here Campaign

Jacqueline and David are driven by a shared service-based mindset consistently seeking ways to give back to their community. The desire to make a substantial contribution simmered within them but they were uncertain about how or where to direct it. It was then that they learned of the YWCA Saskatoon Hope Lives Here campaign. They delved into the organization’s mission and realized that this was the opportunity they had been seeking.

Their commitment to supporting charities focused on improving the lives of women and children was unwavering, and the YWCA aligns perfectly with their values. As their city continues to grow, Jacqueline and David recognize the pressing need for resources, amenities and programming for vulnerable populations.

What resonated deeply with Jacqueline and David was the YWCA Saskatoon’s commitment to extended support for women, empowering these women to rebuild their lives after escaping perilous situations.

“We strongly support the YWCA Saskatoon and the long-term support they provide to women leaving harmful environments,” added Jacqueline. “It is truly inspiring to see the YWCA’s focus on providing women with opportunities for education and employment. The YWCA excels in transforming lives, for both women and their children.”

Jacqueline and David believe that the act of giving has a way of returning in miraculous ways. Their lives have continually expanded because of this attitude. They wholeheartedly believe that miracles can happen when organizations unite for a common cause. They are proud to support the vital and meaningful work carried out by the YWCA in their community. Jacqueline and David eagerly anticipate the day when the space will be unveiled – a symbol of hope and renewal for countless women and children – and they look forward to witnessing a new era for the YWCA

In recognition of the Conway’s commitment to the YWCA Saskatoon Hope Lives Here Campaign, and as a tribute, two new units in the Crisis Shelter & Residence expansion will be dedicated to the mothers of Jacqueline and David:

In Honour of Nora Conway                                         In Honour of Anita Romanoff

This will serve as a lasting testament to the positive impact the Conway’s and their mothers have had on the women and children in our community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jacqueline and David for their generous support which plays a crucial role in maintaining a thriving sense of hope within the YWCA Saskatoon.

Glenda and Tim Harris Donate $100,000 to the Hope Lives Here Campaign

Glenda Harris was attracted to the YWCA Hope Lives Here Campaign from the moment she heard testimonials from women who had come to the Crisis Shelter and Residence for help. Learning about the women who stay at the shelter for 30 days or in the transitional long-term housing program, Glenda shared, “These women’s sense of hope and newfound belief in themselves was truly transformational!”

In fact, Glenda was so inspired she decided to serve on the Campaign Cabinet, volunteering to raise funds for the expansion and renovation project.

Glenda and Tim wanted to support the dire need for more space for women and children, right here in Saskatoon. They are donating $100,000 to the Hope Lives Here Campaign and hope to inspire others to give of their time and resources to building a safe and equitable community at the YWCA Saskatoon!

“We believe that the community services provided by the YWCA Saskatoon are invaluable,” added Glenda. “When women and children can build resilience and attain skills and a stable lifestyle, it has a positive, ripple effect on the community for years to come.”

In recognition of their commitment to the YWCA Saskatoon mission, the new Employment and Learning Centre Reception area will be named in recognition of Glenda & Tim Harris. This will serve as a reminder of the positive impact they have made on the lives of the women and children in our community.

Thank you, Glenda and Tim, for your generosity and for helping us ensure that hope continues to thrive here at the YWCA Saskatoon.