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YWCA Week Without Violence


Crisis Shelter & Residence

This week marks the 20th annual YWCA “Week Without Violence.” October 17th-23rd is an important week that focuses on actively raising awareness to put an end to the violence women face every day. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a week like this can help remind everyone about the importance of creating change, joining together, empowering each other and ending violence.  At the YWCA Crisis Shelter and Residence we are encouraging the women who stay with us to play an active role in this important week and to help spread the word.


We started off the week with our Monday morning house meeting with the addition of hot coffee to jump start the day. The residents were reminded about their value as individuals and the respect they deserve as we went over the Week Without Violence agenda.  The women were excited to be part of this important week.


Throughout the week, at the YWCA Crisis Shelter,  there will be kindness & mindfulness reminders and programming to promote non-violence.  We will share these activities as they happen throughout the week!


Get out there & do something positive too! The more who get involved; the better!!!!Let’s lead change, spread positivity and promote non-violence!