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YWCA Computer Class Primer, Part 3: Introduction to Microsoft Excel and Intermediate Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is another software that is often used both in offices and home that helps keep track of information, supplies, and especially budgeting. Excel is a wonderful application in these manners, and many others. In the YWCA Employment and Learning Centre Computer Lab, we teach two levels of Excel. Here are some more details about the classes, and just part of what is covered in each of them.

The first class is called Excel Introduction. Being a beginner class, it starts from the beginning, as the instructor gently leads the students in a soft and non-judgemental way, and is open to questions. Using a book that the student can keep, the class starts with an explanation of what is seen on the screen when Excel is opened, including the Undo and Redo buttons the toolbars, how to make the page view bigger, what the Ribbon at the top of the page is for, and how the Backstage View works.

You will also learn the difference between columns, rows and cells, and how to select and highlight them in various ways. You will also get some hints about short-cuts into how to work with Excel efficiently.

We start with the most basic of formulas for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, and work up to averages, finding the lowest and highest number, and counting cells. As the knowledge base builds, we move on to the difference between relative and absolute functions, fill handles, and manipulating the spreadsheet by changing the shapes of rows and columns, how to hide them, and finding and replacing data.

As we move on, we deal with fonts, sizes, boxes and shading, alignment of text, number formatting, adding and manipulating the sheets by adding, deleting, coloring and hiding rows and columns, and finally, printing in detail. This class comes with an instruction book that the student can keep and use for reference.

The second level class, which also comes with its own book, is Excel Intermediate. It kicks off with using more complicated formulas, such as using the Name Box for cells and ranges, calculating over more than one worksheet, how to Concatenate and using the Proper, IF and AND functions, use information from one sheet to work on another, and V-lookup and H-lookup.

Next are how to create, organize, format, and sort tables in Excel, how to choose and create charts such as Pie, Line, Column and Bar charts, and also which are the best ones to use for the conclusion you want to tell. Covered next are both Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, which will show how to cherry-pick specific data from a very large spreadsheet.

The last extensively covered topic in modifying pictures and clipart, working with shapes, and using SmartArt to liven up your Excel spreadsheet.

If you are not sure of what level of class you should attend, you can book an appointment and we can give you an assessment of which class to start.

To find out how to register, or get other further information, please contact us at 306-244-7034, extension 873. For class schedule information, you can find the latest listing at https://www.ywcasaskatoon.com/employment-learning/computer-classes/