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YWCA Computer Class Primer, Part 2: Introduction to Microsoft Word and Intermediate Microsoft Word


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Microsoft Word is one of the more common software available, widely used for an office, school or personal setting. Because it mainly deals with text manipulation, it is especially handy for writing resumes, cover letters, personal mail and flyers. But this is only the start of what you can accomplish by taking our classes.

In the YWCA Employment and Learning Centre Computer Lab, we teach two levels of Word. Here are some more details about the classes, and just part of what is covered in each of them.

The first class is Word Introduction. Being at beginner level, it starts from ABC, as the instructor gently leads the students in a soft and non-judgemental way, and is open to questions. The start is an explanation of what is seen on the screen when Word is opened, including the Undo and Redo buttons the toolbars, how to make the page view bigger, what the Ribbon at the top of the page is for, and how the Backstage View works.

Following this is how to select pieces of text by highlighting it in various methods, copy and pasting, and finding and replacing words. Next are how to select the font you want and which size to use, and to change its look, including bolding, italics, underlining, and text color and highlighting.

Bullet points, numbered lists, spacing within and between paragraphs, borders and shading come next along with symbols and special characters. After working on artistically affecting images, tables and spell checking – and using the Thesaurus to punch up your wording – there’s adding Headers, Footers, page numbers and watermarks.

There are also lessons are margins, paper size, and how to use the page as portrait or landscape. Lastly, we will take a close look at options for printing documents.

Along with all the technical information, the instructor will show shortcuts to use in order to make the work easier. When you take the class, you will also get an instruction manual that you get to keep to help you practice all that you have learned.

The second level course, which also has an instruction book, is Word Intermediate, which focuses on more details to enhance the skills you have already learned and then hone them into working with more complex text.

We start with managing lists, taking bullet points and numbering to a higher level of understanding and comprehension. Then you learn how to customize and sort tables and create charts, also learning how to choose particular charts to better explain what you are trying to convey. For images, you learn how to crop and wrap text, create text boxes, draw shapes, use SmartArt, control how the paragraph can be controlled going page-to-page, and to insert columns.

One of the more important parts of the class is Mail Merging, where addresses are joined onto form letters. You will also learn about Quick Parts and Building Blocks.

If you are not sure of what level of class you should attend, you can book an appointment and we can give you an assessment of which class to start.

To find out how to register, or get other further information, please contact us at 306-244-7034, extension 873. For class schedule information, you can find the latest listing at