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YWCA Computer Class Primer, Part 1: Introduction to Computers and Internet & Email


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It is natural to be both curious and initially unsure about starting out with computers. The journey, however, is certainly worth taking. After all, the Web is an open door to a whole new way to look at the world that can be explored, and everyone who is either online or just starting begins by taking the first steps. Or perhaps you have dabbled a bit with some social media like Facebook or Emails, but realize that you have merely dunked your “toe” into the digital world to test the waters of this growing technology that is becoming ever more present at work and in the home. Nearly every job now entails use of computers in some manner, from sales clerk and truck driver, to food service and construction. It is also beneficial for working on resumes, cover letters, and submitting job applications.

The YWCA Saskatoon Employment and Learning Centre may be the place you have been looking for to increase your knowledge and expertise in the start of computing through two course that are taught monthly in our second floor Computer Lab.

A good way to start is with the one-day, three-hour Introduction to Computers. Our instructor will very gently, and without judgment, show you the very basics of computers by breaking it down step-by-step, such as explaining different types of computers, what are the computer’s different parts and their functions including how to use them effectively, such as the mouse and keyboard, and describe the icons on the monitor screen. Also covered is how to use memory sticks for storage and archiving information.

By the end of the class, some of the mysteries behind what computers do and how they function from a user perspective will be replaced by a feeling of curiosity and a willingness to take the next beginner class, Internet and Email. This class, which can be either taken together with the Introduction to Computers or by itself, lasts for two mornings.

For this class, we talk about the history of the Internet, methods to keep you as safe as possible on the Web, how to use search engines such as Google effectively, and different aspects of social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, blogging, etc.). We will also discuss strong email usage for job searching and how to attach documents, such as resumes, cover letters and images.

Job searching is becoming more electronic to apply, especially by email. Also, many positions, from retail and truck driving to management, call for experience on computers, such as emails and research. This is a hands-on class that will give you the experience to start you on your way to successfully using technological tools for both a job search, and for personal use and exploration.

With these classes, you will also get a full-color handbook with everything we learn and more, to use as a handy reference guide for when you practice afterwards.

The class will also show you ways to enhance your typing skills, or to practice on the keyboard in positive ways. To find out how to register, or get other further information, please contact us at 306-244-7034, extension 873. For class schedule information, you can find the latest listing at