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Women’s Voice Part Two: Perceptions


Employment & Learning, Trade Journey

A number of the responses were regarding women working in a male-dominant work place, since this atmosphere poses some challenges regarding gender imbalance. These include unequal pay; stereotypes in the work force such as not being able to do the same work; and men’s arrogance and intimidation of women in the work place. A frequently mentioned response was regarding physical capabilities. Participants thought that there is a perceived stereotype that women are not physically capable to do the work. In a follow up question, why do you think women are underrepresented in the trades, the most common response was that women do not know about a career in the trades and there is a need for a cultural change to overcome perceptions and stereotypes. The YWCA Saskatoon Trade Journey project was therefore designed to amend such obstacles and encourage women to partake in the trades.


Part Three next month…