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Women’s Voice Part Three: Vision


Employment & Learning, Trade Journey

The women who were interviewed in person thought that networking opportunities for women in the trades would be beneficial. Also childcare, financial support, networking, and having an equal opportunity to participate in the trades is important. As part of the focus groups and interviews, the participants were asked what they envisioned for the future, looking out in the next 25 years for women in the trades. The first vision statement was created in the first focus group: In 25 years we will be gender blind, women are seen in the trades as professionals, role models, leaders and experts in a safe, accessible place with a fair culture; where they are seen as an employee of choice and the best person on the job. The next vision statement was created by participants in the second focus group: In 25 years the trades will have a gender blind professional atmosphere with no labels, and a community feeling that includes tranquility, equality, acceptance, unity, and peace. There will be high job opportunities, education, safety, job security and, above all, the minimum requirements for on-site jobs will be raised.


Final word….

The Women’s Voice Project was made possible with funding through Status of Women Canada.