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Women’s Voice: Introduction to a Three Part Series

The Women’s Voice community engagement project was conducted by YWCA Saskatoon in 2014. YWCA Saskatoon contracted Prairie Wild Consulting Co. with the aim of this venture to focus on and gain insight from women in the trades, considering the trades, or supporting the trades; their responses would ultimately inform the YWCA Saskatoon Trade Journey pilot project. The Women’s Voice initiative was designed based on a framework of assets which include the social, physical, financial, human and personal; the project’s objective was to ascertain information that addressed all of these elements. The survey was based in Saskatoon, where women represent 5.9% of workers in trade or related occupations.  In an industry comprised 94% of men, women face unique obstacles when entering and working in the trades. Through this project, women were able to share their experiences regarding such impediments and how they felt these could be rectified.

Over the next three months, we will be sharing highlights from the final report as part of a three part series: Part One (Why a Trade), Part Two (Perceptions) and Part Three (Vision). Stay tuned for Part One on May 25. YWCA Saskatoon would like to acknowledge Sarah DeBoice for her contribution in this three part series.