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When Is the Best Time to Apply for Summer Jobs?


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By Robert Francos.

What are you doing for work this summer? Do you know when is the best time to apply for summer jobs? The answer is, right now. If you’re chasing seasonal employment, here’s a good general rule: always plan out your next job a full season before you will be working. This will keep you on top of the job search and ensure that you are always planning ahead.

Did you know that roughly 20% to 25% of employers hire additional workers during the summer? That’s significant. Add in the seasonal employers who need to hire en masse and you’ll quickly realize that the summer job market is very competitive. Summer is prime time to build your resume, gain professional experience, and collect a paycheck. It’s your job to be organized so that you stay on top of the job search and ultimately land the job that you want.

The biggest summer job search mistake is waiting too long to apply. They want to have their hiring completed before the busy summer rush so that they can focus on other things. These employers want and need to see your applications ASAP – the sooner the better.

Start your summer job research right now. Decide what you want to do and where you want to do it. Then research employers and job opportunities.  Many employers will have application deadlines so pay attention!  It’s smart to get your application in early so that you can complete the hiring process well before the job begins. If for some reason your dream job isn’t posted yet, contact the employer to find out when you can apply.

Whether you want to land a seasonal job, a professional position, or an internship, you need to be on top of it. Stay organized and plan ahead.

You can learn more about job searching and receive individualized supports though the YWCA Saskatoon Job Search Program.  Please call 306.292.6184 or email to schedule an appointment.


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