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What’s happening at the computer lab? Part 1


Employment & Learning

The Computer Lab at the YWCA Saskatoon Employment and Learning Centre is the place to be for job seekers hoping to become more familiar with computers. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning, our lab plays host to a number of computer classes open to anyone looking to upgrade their computer skills.

Our monthly schedule always begins with Introduction to Computers, a gentle, slow-paced class that explores how computers work and how to use one. We walk through the different kinds of computers, what a file is, and more, including a beginner’s guide to using Internet and email. This class is a great starting point for anyone who wants to better understand just why computers matter so much in today’s world and will help prepare you for our other classes.

Word Introduction is another regular part of our monthly class rotation. This class provides an introduction to Microsoft Word, a word processing program used to create text-based documents. Familiarity with Microsoft Word can help you write and format your own resumes and cover letters and can be useful in any job which may require you to work with documents. For those already familiar with the basics of Microsoft Word, consider Word Intermediate, a more advanced class that can help you create even more polished-looking documents while also saving time in their creation.

Excel Introduction is a class that teaches another common program: Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program use to organize and analyze data into tidy-looking rows and columns so they’re easier to navigate. When mastered, Microsoft Excel can even be used to make instant calculations and revisions, performing complex mathematical tasks so you don’t have to! For those who already have some experience and are wanting to learn more, we also offer Excel Intermediate, a more advanced class that teaches you how to ask Excel to perform even more complex mathematical tasks and work with even more data.

If any of these classes sound interesting to you, more information, such as class dates and pricing, can be found on the Employment and Learning Computer Classes webpage. You can also call the Employment and Learning Centre anytime during working hours at 306-986-2873.