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What You Need to Know About Job Searching This Summer


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The summer is a great time to do a lot of things—but is thinking about your career one of them?

Summer Is a Company’s Budget Checkpoint

Many companies take the summer months to reconsider their staffing needs and whether or not they want to expand or invest more in certain teams. While some departments might start hiring more aggressively in the summer, others of course might not, depending on how they’re performing.

The kinds of roles companies are looking for this time of year may not all be full-time positions. As teams decide what resources they need to complete various projects, they might lean more heavily on contract workers or freelancers in the summer rather than hire a permanent, in-house employee halfway into the year.

Companies May Be More Focused on Recruitment

Despite popular belief that most recruiters are on vacation and thus not as focused on finding talent in the summer, the slower pace of the summer is actually beneficial for companies. Summer allows companies more time to onboard and train new graduates or entry-level folks who may require more attention than other kinds of hires, because during this time of year there are rarely as many urgent deadlines or important projects in the works.

Of course, the hiring pool also tends to grow over the summer. “If you’re looking for an entry-level or more junior position, there’s generally going to be more competition due to the availability of college students,” says Angela Smith, a Muse career coach with a background in corporate talent acquisition.

Hiring Really Doesn’t Slow Down That Much

The challenging thing about the slower pace of summer is that the job search process on a company’s end—from finding candidates to interviewing them to making hiring decisions—can take longer than other times of the year.

However, even if recruiters aren’t always in the office, they still can—and do—hop on the phone, answer emails, read resumes, and conduct interviews while on the go. At smaller companies especially, founders are so focused on growing their businesses that they rarely take completely unplugged vacations, if they take vacations at all this time of year.

This means that, while the process may be slower for those hiring, you’re unlikely to notice a huge difference as a job seeker.  You may receive feedback on an interview a few days later than you’d like or have your meeting or start date pushed back a bit due to a hiring manager being away or out of office, but provided you can be flexible, there shouldn’t be the kinds of delays that might have been an issue in years past.

We at Employment and Learning can help you make the best use of your summer. Get in touch today to be connected with one of our employment counsellors and get a head start on your job search before it gets too hot.


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This article was adapted by Shaylyn White. You can view the full original article by Alyse Kalish of The Muse here.