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Welcome Back, Mrs. G!


Child Development Centre

We love the sound of music, and our children love Mrs. G, a very special music teacher here at the YWCA Child Development Centre.

Jeanette Gross brings the sound of music into the centre once a week. A professional music teacher from the Community Music Education Program, she comes to our daycare to provide a 30 minute structured music program. YWCA staff and parents feel fortunate that our children receive 10 weeks of these sessions.

Mrs. G. returns with her bag of instruments and fun games on Tuesday, Jan. 17. The children learn simple musical concepts like beat and pitch while singing songs and marching around the rooms in the daycare. It is always a delight to hear music coming from the rooms on Tuesday mornings. Sometimes the children sing with Mrs. G; sometimes they play instruments; sometimes they play music related games. They all seem to have fun, and even the shyest among them can’t wait for their turn to respond musically to Mrs. G’s sung questions.

Last year, our hardworking Parents’ Advisory Committee carried out fundraisers to help pay for the music program.  And during the December holiday season, many donors made special gifts designated to the music program to make it possible! We are grateful to everyone who supported the music program.

Parents often tell us how much they appreciate the enriched music program and the long-standing relationship with Mrs. G.  They see how music makes their children’s faces light up the minute they see Mrs. G.  She is a gifted teacher with a special place in her heart for children.

We know that studies show how music helps children develop foundational math skills, language, and vocal skills!  Music is a wonderful part of this nurturing environment for our children.