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Ways Computers Have Changed Employment and Job Searching Part 1


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Today’s post is another post in the series….


Of course, computer use has had a drastic impact on both the workplace and home, especially since the 1990s; in some cases, both at the same time.

For most people, an increasing amount of what is done online is considered research. The introduction of technology does not change any singular thing; it changes everything in culture. This is incredibly true for methods of research. If you are looking for a job, that’s research. Until recently, you would explore the newspapers’ Employment section for the Want Ads; now there are dedicated websites that fall into three categories that are much more efficient.

The first category is known as a clearinghouse, where a company needing to fill a position will contact the website and ask (or pay) to have the job posted on their site. The second is a search engine, where the website looks for jobs on company websites by using keywords, such as Construction, Administrative, or Purchasing Manager. An example of a search engine is Indeed. The third is more direct, such as CraigsList or Kijiji, where the employer directly puts the ad on the site. With the latter, be sure to research the companies asking for employees.

Research can also be getting directions such as before an interview, the schedule of the mass transit from your house to the organization where you are going, and using Google Street Maps to see what the front of the company looks like beforehand when you go there.

An especially important aspect of research is finding out about the company, especially when you are called in for an interview. It’s good to know where various offices are located if it’s a large national or multi-national corporation, the name of the CEO, what the company does, and especially its Values and Mission Statement, which can usually be found on the company website. It is not necessary to memorize the Values and Mission Statement, but it is a good idea to be able to paraphrase it, at least. It is becoming more common during an interview to be asked, “What is our Mission Statement?”

Researching a company through its website or social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia can be helpful in learning the company’s corporate culture and footprint.

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