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Wayne Gretzky Blog Part 4


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YWCA Saskatoon’s Employment and Learning Centre remains closed for in-person programs in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.  We will continue to provide remote services via email, telephone and social media (Facebook).

We believe it is important to maintain your job search momentum. As such the Employment and Learning Centre will offer you daily job search advice and support that you can complete from home.

Today’s post is another post in the series….

As we noted in previous posts, the great Canadian philosopher and hockey player Wayne Gretzky.  is quoted as saying:

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

The day I stop learning is the day I stop growing.

Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.

 If you thought four quotes on Job Seeking from #99, the Great One, the Wise One would be enough, well, you were wrong…here is quote number five:

No matter who you are, we’re creatures of habit. The better your habits are, the better they will be in pressure situations.

By this we mean…looking for work from home can be isolating and difficult at the best of times, but during this pandemic, it is especially important to have healthy habits when working from your home “office”.  See below several tips:

  • Pretend like you are going into the office. Set your alarm, make coffee, take a shower and change out of your pajamas to help you get into the “I’m going to look for work” mindset.
  • Set boundaries such as defined hours and breaks throughout the day. You need to know when to stop working and take a breather for a good job search-life balance.
  • Don’t forget to give your eyes a break too! It’s not healthy for your eyes to be glued to a screen all day. Several times throughout the day, take a few minutes to look at something else to make sure you’re not straining your eyes and I don’t mean your phone or TV.
  • Create a dedicated workspace– although it’s tempting to work from your bed, it’s important to set up a dedicated workspace with a door that you can close if you need to drown out the noise of your pets, kids or TV to remain productive and professional. Also, if possible, invest in a good chair. Your home chair/desk/keyboard setup might not be the same as at the office and comfy sofas or bed pillows don’t offer the necessary support for your back, which can lead to poor posture and back, shoulder and neck pain.
  • Set goals by writing out your goal and plan involving your job search and the daily and weekly steps that need completing.
  • Job seeking from home during the pandemic will be isolating, especially if you’re used to a busy work environment – check-in with people (including your Employment Counsellor) throughout the day. Just because everyone is practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you need to feel so distant.
  • Keep your kitchen stocked with healthy food. Since you’re now so close to your kitchen, it’s even easier to snack on everything and anything. To avoid unhealthy snacking, keep healthy snacks readily available. Drink a lot of water throughout the day, too, which can help curb mindless snacking.

Do you have any tips to support healthy habits while job seeking during the pandemic?  Let us know in the comment section….

Your Employment and Learning staff are working remotely through email or over the telephone.  Your Counsellor would be pleased to assist you with developing a goal/plan/steps and will support you as you work through the steps.  Should you have any questions or require assistance in your job search, feel free to contact any of your Employment and Learning staff for support.  You can reach us at:

Stay motivated; stay healthy as you achieve your employment goals.