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Want a New Job in 2022? Here’s Why You Should Start Looking Now


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By Robert Francos

It pays to get moving on your job search sooner rather than later.

There are plenty of good reasons to get a new job in 2022. Regardless of your motivation, if you are hoping for a new job in the coming year, now is a good time to kick off your search for one. Here’s why.

Avoid the hiring slowdown

Your goal may be to kick off the new year with a new job at a new company. But if you postpone your job search much longer, you may lose out on that opportunity. Hiring tends to slow down substantially toward the end of the year. For many companies, it’s a matter of decision-makers being out for the holidays and being more focused on wrapping up year-end initiatives.

That is why, if you want a new job in 2022, your best bet is to start looking now. Keep in mind that it takes time for a company to screen your resume, arrange for an interview, and decide if you are a suitable candidate to move through the pipeline. So even if you submit a job application now, you may not get a response immediately. And by the time an offer comes through, you may be looking at a 2022 start date anyway.

How to tackle your job search

You will often hear that searching for a job can be just as time-consuming as actually doing a full-time job, and there is some truth to that. To help make your search more efficient, do your best to narrow down your top two or three requirements for a new job. Maybe you want a certain salary. Or perhaps you want a flexible job you can do remotely. Set your priorities now so you don’t waste time applying for jobs that are not a great fit.

From there, clean up your resume so it’s as updated as possible, and craft a cover letter that’s adaptable. You may need to tweak your cover letter depending on the role or company you’re targeting, so aim for a letter that can be changed easily.

Finally, make an effort to network. You could easily spend hours each day looking at online job listings, but if you get in touch with friends, family members, and former colleagues with some specific criteria, someone you know may have an opening that is suitable for you. And in that case, having that person submit a resume on your behalf could increase your chances of getting your foot in the door.

A new job could be your ticket to more money and a more fulfilling career. If you are hoping for a new role in 2022, don’t delay your search. The sooner you get started, the greater your chances of getting an offer before companies put off hiring plans until the new year.

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