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How would a national child care program give you better support to work and raise children? 

The Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (CCAAC) has launched a campaign called Vote Child Care 2015.  Vote Child Care 2015 brings together child care advocates and supporters from across Canada to promote the vision that was endorsed at the ChildCare2020 conference in 2014, a vision based on universal entitlement, high quality and comprehensiveness.

Vote Child Care 2015 will use the upcoming federal election to build support for affordable quality child care and to make child care a prominent issue in communities across Canada.  The campaign will open debate about family policy, income splitting and the enhanced Universal Child Care Benefit.

This week Vote Child Care 2015 springs into action coast-to-coast. Parents, children, educators, advocates and supporters are speaking up and organizing events to highlight the need for an affordable child care program in Canada and the compelling economic and social rationale.


Source: CCAAC