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Virtual Fitness at YWCA Saskatoon


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Our Virtual Classes are only $5 each for non-members. And, virtual classes are included with all membership categories!

We offer Yoga online multiple times a week as well as Bonefit (a great class for older adults) and our Band and Body Weight Class (for all skills levels using minimal equipment.

Here is a great outline of what the Virtual class experience will be like for you

What are the costs of this system to you:

If you are a member, the Virtual classes are included in your membership. No additional fees! There is no limit to the number of classes you wish to participate in.

If you are a non-member, there will be a $5 per class fee (half of our regular drop in fee).

We are planning to introduce a monthly virtual membership option too. This option will provide the virtual member unlimited access to all our virtual classes while they remain a virtual member. This virtual membership will not provide access to physical visits to YWCA Saskatoon’s fitness centre. Look for this option to be in place by October 1st, 2020.

Check our our new Virtual Classes

Most of our Yoga classes will remain virtual for the fall of 2020. In addition to Yoga we are offering two four other Virtual options. The full slate of virtual classes include:

  • Yoga: two classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays over the lunch hour and Saturday mornings.
  • Bands and Body Weight: Four classes a week (two in the mornings and two in the evenings). This full body fitness class requires only a small amount of equipment and will benefit all fitness levels.
  • Core Plus: Our traditional afternoon Core Plus class will also be broadcast as a virtual class.
  • Prehab/Mobility: Over the past couple of years we have expanded our traditional Stretch class to include a focus on joint mobility as well as helping members improve their movement form (to prevent that trip to the physio). Like our Core Plus class, we will offer Prehab/Mobility virtually as well as in-house.

Visit here for a full outline of all our classes

Having issues with our system or have any other questions about YWCA Saskatoon and Fitness on 25th? Call us at 306-244-7034 Ext. 850 or email us at