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Use our Virtual classes to augment your trips to the gym



by Fred Dyck, Director of Fitness & Facilities, YWCA Saskatoon

Numerous members have embraced our virtual classes and now use them to augment their trips to the fitness centre. It is common see members attend one of our group fitness classes during the morning and then see them later virtually for a different type of class. By doing so, our members are able to increase the breadth of their fitness focus.

Great combinations of classes have emerged  allowing our members to build strength, improve their mobility and challenge their heart and lungs without making multiple trips to the gym in a given day.


Here are some of the interesting combinations our members are participating in:

  • Some members are attending multiple classes in one day. For exmaple, we have members attending our 6:00 AM Y-Fit class weekday morning class for a challenging functional fitness experience. Then the member will attend from home the Virtual Core Plus class later in the afternoon (after their workday has ended) to further develop their core strength and ability.
  • Some members are alternating days with in-house and virtual workouts. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have members attending our popular AM Energizer class at 9:30 AM; receiving a great cardio workout with some additional strength attributes. Then, on Tuesdays and Thursdays they  attend our Bands and Body Weight class at 9:00 AM virtually. These two classes complement each other to provide an varied fitness experience with strength, mobility and cardiovascular advantages.
  • We see members combining swimming and Yoga: Because of the programming restrictions of Covid we have added significantly more lane swim times than in the past. This has led to a increasing following of members working on their swim stroke and fitness and we are seeing these members ensure their mobility also receives the focus it deserves by attending Yoga virtually. Again, this combination means one trip to the gym in an given day and a different styled workout completed from home.

If there is one thing almost all our members have in common it is they only have so much time in a week to focus on their health and fitness. By taking advantage of our Virtual classes to support your trips to the gym you can expand the focus of your personal health and wellness journey efficiently.