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Upstander Education Program


Upstander Education Program



The YWCA Saskatoon’s Employment and Learning Centre is offering a new program, the “Upstander Education Program”. This program will offer engaging workshops, presentations, and education for all with the intended outcome of eliminating gender-based violence.

Being an Upstander is a key element when promoting a healthy, balanced, welcoming environment for all. To be an Upstander, one must speak up, or act in a supporting role towards an individual or a cause and will intervene and educate on behalf of a person being bullied, attacked, or judged.

In this program, together we will unpack harmful gender norms and stereotypes, grow our emotional literacy, explore the intersections of power and privilege, and gain more intervention tools for how to be an active bystander, an ‘Upstander’.

The Upstander Program will provide participants with an opportunity for increased confidence, encouraging everyone to speak up and speak out regarding gender-based violence, in whatever environment it occurs and whichever form it takes; however slight or severe.

Are you interested in learning more about this program? Please contact Mike Thorson to book a presentation.

Mike Thorson, Upstander Education Program Coordinator


Together, we can work to strengthen relationships and create healthier, safer, and more equitable environments for everyone in our communities.