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TRX Suspension System at YWCA Saskatoon


Fitness on 25th

By Fred Dyck, YWCA Fitness on 25th Manager

You may have noticed the new TRX Suspension System on the 2nd floor in our new core/stretch area. TRX systems have been around for a number of years and have proven to be valuable functional body weight training systems.

The easiest way to receive some guidance on how to utilize the TRX system is to ask one of our fitness consultants or personal trainers for an introduction. We can provide you with basics on how the systems work, strap adjustments and how to modify your body position so you can use the system. And, we will take you through a few basic exercises.

You may also notice we have provided a binder of handouts and information on the TRX Suspension System. Use the binder to take yourself through some self study. The binder is on the second floor near the TRX.

“It looks hard? Can I use it?”

The TRX System is capable of challenging even the fittest of members. But, that doesn’t mean only the fittest should be using it. Here are a few examples of basic movements all of our members can try:

Assisted Squat:

TRX 5The TRX system is a great support piece for those who may struggle with even a body weight squat (also called an air squat). Use the TRX as an aid by pulling on the straps as you move through the squat movement (see picture to the left).

Looking for an option somewhere between the air squat and an assisted squat? Try the single leg pistol with the TRX for support.

Assisted Push Ups:

IMG_1242If you are someone who struggles to complete regular push ups the TRX can help. By adjusting the position of your feet you can either increase or decrease the difficult required in completing the push up. Align yourself in a more vertical position to remove body weight from your arms; therefore, making the push upTRX 2 easier to complete (see first picture in push up series).

I the second push up picture (to the right) you will see that I am positioned closer to being horizontal with the ground (like a standard push up). This makes the TRX push up much harder to complete.

Assisted Row:

TRX 3Like push ups, the difficulty in completing rows comes from the location of your feet. Move your body closer to horizontal with the floor and you make the row very difficult. Stand up in a more vertical alignment and the row becomes easier. In the rowing picture to the left I am standing in a reasonably vertical position making the row a moderate exercise to complete.

These are just three very basic TRX Suspension exercises. Other popular movements include planks with your feet suspended and lunges with one foot suspended. Play around with the unit and find a number of great ways to support your training and workouts.