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Trade Journey at the YWCA

With the arrival of Spring, Trade Journey at the YWCA has also started to BUZZ!

A very enthusiastic group of women has launched into their studies to learn some trade skills for the Carpentry, Electrical and Plumbing trades.

This is our 7th group of women in Trade Journey. They started with an inspiring tour of the University of Saskatchewan Arena Complex!  This inside peek offered our group the opportunity to really see the many working stages of a large industrial work site.   We really enjoyed seeing how all the different trades groups work together on the same project.

We have also been brushing up on our math skills and becoming more comfortable with some of our tools.  Gaining tickets in SCOT and WHMIS has our women well informed about Safe Working Practices and ready to put that safety training to work!  Our group also got out-fitted with Personal Protective Equipment so they are ready to be on the job-site.

Our group of women have also started to build up their personal fitness levels and are enjoying the great gym and fitness facilities and instructors at Fitness on 25th  in the YWCA building!

We have already heard some inspiring stories from other women that work in the trades in Saskatoon and area.

Our group toured the instruction facilities at Sask. Polytechic where we will be learning our hands-on skills and gaining practice!

We are looking forward to an exciting, 16 week learning and growing adventure!

YWCA Trade Journey is a bridging, pre-apprenticeship program for women.  The aim of the program is to move women who are economically disadvantaged, into construction trade apprenticeship positions that will enable them to obtain economic sustainability. At YWCA Saskatoon we support women whose ability to successfully compete for apprenticeship opportunities is impaired due lack of assets from self-confidence to financial information to family support.  Women are able to access a range of individualised employment services, skill enhancements, and supports to make hands-on connections with employers.  YWCA Trade Journey is funded by the Ministry of Immigration and Career Training, and the United Way of Saskatoon and Area.  To learn more, visit Trade Journey on our website or call (306)986-2884.