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Top 5: Why We Love Swimming Lessons Here at the YW


Child Development Centre, Fitness on 25th

The YWCA is a well-loved provider for Red Cross swimming lessons. 

Here’s what we heard from parents whose children learned to swim and perfect their skills over the years at the YW.

5. At the YWCA, we have the warmest public pool in the city, perfect for our littlest swimmers. (We recently learned that one of the hotel pools is warmer, but come to us for your Red Cross lessons!)


4. Our facility rocks. We have change rooms that aren’t gross, with private showers and clean floors. We have an accessible change room for swimmers in wheelchairs, dads with daughters and moms with sons. We have ample free parking and great bus routes.


3. The YWCA is small and friendly. Your child won’t be distracted by lane swim, aquafit, or water sliders during their lesson.


2. Parents love multi-tasking. It’s easy to find a seat and observe the lessons on our uncrowded deck while your little Crocodile or Sea Otter shows their stuff. BUT…even better…parents can work out in our gym during their children’s lessons. Pack your gym bag and plan to work out at the YWCA, for free.


1. Our swimming instructors are knowledgeable and focused on your child’s success. Your child will master the skills at their Red Cross swimming level, look up to their teacher, and feel proud of their personal accomplishments in the water.

Registrations are now open for January swimming lessons. Watch for your city leisure guide in your mailbox, and register online at or call (306) 244-7034 ext 100.