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Time to spring in to your job search!

Spring is on its way and now is the time to think about the seasonal employment opportunities that arrive with it.  Even though spring seems far away, now is the time to get networking and making contacts.  There are job fairs to take advantage of and the reason they are happening now is that the hiring starts soon, if not right now for the spring and summer.  Keep an eye on employer web sites and all of your favorite job search web sites, but know that it is beneficial to go beyond these usual job search strategies.  Prepare your job search documents now and have them ready.  Make a list of possible employers and get networking.  Do not wait for the advertisement to hit the site that everyone is checking, consider getting your resume to the employer before the job is posted.  Ask your friends and family if the company they work for hire for the spring and summer.  Think outside the box, go to trade shows and community events designed for leisure and get to know about companies and organizations that may be new to you might just be hiring.  If you are interested in an event such as a garden show, a sports equipment show or festivals then what better place to make a connection with a company you might really enjoy working for.  Your passion might just hold a career you would love.

If you need help with your resume and job search act now and get that help.  There are some pretty amazing “get back to work programs” with no cost to you.  Be ready to learn about current trends and best practices for job search, create a plan and get back to work.  To learn more about YWCA Saskatoon’s employment programs, call 306-986-2873.