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This Resume Change May Get You More Interviews


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Recruiters read each resume for an average of 10 seconds.  To get your reader engaged with what you have to offer, begin your resume with a powerful and unique value proposition statement. This one change can make an immediate impact in the number of interviews you land.


Your professional profile is your value proposition statement, the place where you identify, right from the start, what it is you can bring to the table. Starting your resume with what you have to offer, instead of what you want to receive or achieve, positions you as a much stronger candidate, and may win you more interviews.


Here is an example of a statement that discusses the value you can bring to prospective employers:


Management professional with more than 10 years of experience in leadership, sales, and customer service. Self-motivated with prior success building and leading high-performance organizations. Highly collaborative team leader inspiring superior performance by developing, coaching, and mentoring employees. Visionary change agent with a consistent record of transforming challenges into expansive business opportunities.


When it comes to length, a paragraph like this is ideal, so remember to only focus on relevant information. Spending some time to make this one change to your resume could result in significantly more interviews. You need to get your reader hooked until they have read every last word about what you have to offer. The more your resume gets read the more your phone is likely to ring, with the offer of a job interview waiting for you on the other end.


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This article was based on an online piece by Ozzie Sands, of the InspiredMinds Group in Toronto. The full article can be found here: