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The Job Market Trends for 2021 You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Employment & Learning

By Robert Francos

Despite the rollercoaster of a ride that 2020 was, there are some things we know for certain this year.

Remote work is now a thing

Finally, employers have learned what freelancers have known for years – that it IS possible to be productive from home. Who knew?

Whether you wish to work onsite or not, the acceptance of remote work opens a range of possibilities.

Career transitions on the rise

Layoffs are encouraging people to rethink the path they are on. For many, this has been the push they need to finally go for the thing they were always afraid to do.

Skills upgrade will be a norm: There has never been a better time to upgrade your skills.

Add new skills, increase your branding, learn a new trade. You will definitely need it especially if you are planning to transition into a new career or job. Just make sure you are applying those skills with real world experience. Don’t get stuck in the study trap.

LinkedIn growing as a hiring a tool

With so many people hiring and so many more changing jobs, it’s obvious you should spruce up your LinkedIn profile and résumé – now more than ever – think of how you can improve your online presence! Whether it’s LinkedIn or any other social media site – people are watching their screens more than ever before!

Hiring is on the rise

Despite layoffs occurring, stats show the number of job openings is actually going to increase. But with that also keep in mind that 85% of jobs are filled either internally or through a referral from a trusted source before they’re ever posted. So you need to build a personal brand to help you reach a position within the hidden job market – be the one that gets approached before that job gets posted!

Changes to interview processes, résumés, cover letters, and more

The online world has brought about changes that we never fathomed. Get yourself ready to be interviewed online – this might sound easier than it is – a lot of people find it harder to express themselves online – get yourself equipped to excel and stand out at the YWCA Saskatoon Employment and Learning Centre. Because of how competitive the market is, you might want to get your resume, cover letter and digital presence checked by a professional to ensure it has an edge.

New Grads

Competing for the best jobs is not going to be easy unless you have the right branding and access to the hidden job market! If you are on purpose, have the right branding and are networking in the right way, you are sure to be on track to land your dream job!

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