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The Deadlift: Consider having this time tested movement in your workout


Fitness on 25th

By Fred Dyck, Manager, YWCA Fitness on 25th

In its simplest form, the deadlift is the practice of picking an object off of the ground in a safe and efficient manner. The ability to perform this simple task is a basic part of being functionally able. Regular, proper use of the deadlift results in improved performance for athletes, improved effective physical fitness for the regular adult member and improved physical independence for our older members and seniors.

Pictured: YWCA Fitness on 25th member, Negus Prout, performing a deadlift.

But, not all that many of our members include this movement in their regular workout routines. Regular use of the deadlift in your routine improves your general physical strength and ability like few other exercises.  The deadlift does not lead to developing those show muscles (like biceps) but its true functional benefits are significant to all of us. Whether you perform the classic barbell deadlift, variations such as the Sumo Deadlift or use other objects such as dumbbells, sandbags or kettlebells, find ways to include this invaluable movement in your routines. The deadlift develops functional strength used to lift things…whether that be a dumbbell or a large bag of dog food.


Some Key aspects of the Deadlift:

  • The goal is to have the bar travel basically straight up and down
  • Feet in a natural position under hips
  • Symmetrical grip
  • Chest up
  • Hands placed where arms will not interfere with legs
  • Arms, locked perpendicular to the ground
  • Shoulders pinned back and down with head looking straight ahead.
  • Hips and shoulders raise at the same pace
  • Back angle remains constant until bar passes over knees and back then straightens)
  • Keep the back arched
  • Solid, firm core
  • Bar moves along legs
  • Pushing through the heels

Visually, the deadlift does look to some like a simple exercise but as you can see by the list of cues, there are many aspects to performing this task properly. Our Personal Trainers can help with this. Book a session with one of our trainers and get yourself set on a pathway to achieving your goals.