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The Benefits of Understanding and Learning Coding


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Coding’s simplest definition is that it tells a computer what the user (you) want it to do. You develop step-by-step commands for the computer to follow. Understanding the basics of coding can help you understand how things work in unison on a website, and steer clear of causing any breaks while editing content. Being aware of the basic fundamental ideas behind coding can help inform the web or app development process, so that you know exactly why it is an important piece to your overall design.

As the market place as a whole shifts toward more digital leaning commerce, learning code, even at a basic level, is becoming more important. Not only for younger workers to stay competitive, but for older employees in varying industries to stay sharp and able to manage a younger workforce. It allows you to remain literate in the digital space, and understand the ideas behind what is making your website thrive.

Jobs and tasks are becoming more and more technically-oriented and it’s more likely that your company will bring on highly technical roles. The most important reason to learn code is to make sure that you can speak a common language. Also, super-secret tip: learning code can be fun.

Many people who are not familiar with code make the mistake of thinking that the language used is very technical and mathematical. Think of a programming language in the same way as English, Spanish or French. All languages (including the one used by computer programmers) follow rules, have syntax and structure. When compiled, it makes a statement to convey a message. There’s a lot of programming languages and resources that make it easy to jump into.

One resource is Canada Learning Code which is an organization who focuses on technology education for Canadians.  The Saskatoon Chapter partners with mentors to deliver local learning events such as the recent Girls Learning Code Gamemaking workshop hosted here at YWCA Saskatoon.  It was a great afternoon of learning, fun and confidence building.

For more information on upcoming Learning Code events happening in Saskatoon visit Canada Learning Code at



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