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The Barbell Preacher Curl


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The Barbell Preacher Curl
By: Fred Smith, Personal Trainer

Are you looking for a great bicep workout? The barbell preacher curl will compliment “arms day” well. I like to rotate this exercise in and out of my program regularly. I find that I am able to isolate the bicep while achieving a full range of motion. The preacher apparatus allows me to relax my entire body accept what I am trying to work (Biceps). On they other hand if I was standing and doing a barbell curl my body would be more inclined to sway or use different muscles like my back, shoulders even my legs  to either create momentum or maintain balance which of course may interfere with technique if not done right . There is nothing wrong with doing exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups as long as you know what your doing  but if your mission is to isolate the Biceps. Take a seat on the Preacher! 

Barbell Preacher Curls

-sit down on a preacher and position your lower chest at the same level as the top of the bench-

-with your hands shoulder width apart take an underhand grip of the barbell-

-raise the bar up and towards your chin-

-when the bar is perpendicular with the floor reverse the motion and stop before your arms straighten-

-repeat motion-


-stay seated-

-back should be straight-

-shoulders square-

-elbows stationary-