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Strength Wednesday’s: The Push Up


Fitness on 25th

By Fred Dyck, YWCA Fitness Manager

One of the most basic exercises in the fitness universe is the push up. Next to running, it may be the most commonly known exercise around.

In our noon Y-Fit class on Thursday, January 14th, we will look at the basic push up movement. Join us shortly after 12 noon for the Y-Fit class. In addition to spending some time on the push up, our exercise schedule includes spider man walks, frog jumps, duck walks, bear walks and executing medicine ball throws.

Our key points for the basic push up will be:

  • Keep elbows close to your side
  • Keep your body in the plank position
  • Hips and shoulders rise and lower in sync
  • We will experiment with different hand positions to increase and decrease the level of challenge.

Different Versions of the Push Up:

Planche Push Ups: very difficult way using only hands

Knuckle Push Ups: Toughens the knuckles and can reduce strain on wrists

Maltese Push Ups: Hands are placed on floor closer to your hips as opposed to usual position under shoulders.

Hindu Push Ups: Sometimes called a Diver Bomber push up, a person begins in an upside down v position with your ears between your arms (extended) and “dives” into the push up where your hips come down and your head travels down and then up. Come ask us to demonstrate!

Guillotine Push Ups: Where your hands are supported on objects allowing you to lower your body further than a normal floor push up.

Backhanded Push Ups: Actually doing a regular push up but supporting yourself on the back of your hands as opposed to your palms.

One Arm Push Ups: AKA the Rocky Balboa.

Finger Tip Push Ups: AKA the Bruce Lee.

Other options include a clapping push up and a push up from your knees.