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Strength Wednesday’s: New Plyo Box in the Weight Room


Fitness on 25th

Recently YWCA Fitness on 25th added a three-way Plyo box in the weight room. By tipping the box over, you are provided three different heights; 20 inches, 24 inches and 30 inches. A basic piece of equipment such as a Plyo box provides a person with numerous effective exercises; the basic box jump or step up being the most common you see in the gym.

In the picture is the Plyo box next to the Atlantis adjustable jumping machine. The Ploy box does not have all of the height variations of the Atlantis machine but its simplicity (it’s a box) allows for many useful exercises.

Why is jumping/stepping such an effective training method? Its gravity. Anytime you have to lift your body weight up the work becomes challenging. The same principle applies to stair climbers and even just walking up stairs themselves. Gravity working against your body weight is a very effective resistance practice.

Ask one of our Fitness Consultants or Personal Trainers to demonstrate some of the numerous ways to use the Plyo box. Aside from the three dimensional options this box provides, your exercise options include but are not limited to the following movements:

  • Jump up, jump down. To get the full effect of this movement, ensure you stand straight up once you are on the box before jumping back down.
  • Jump up, step down. This method takes the box jump and reduces the effort required by substituting the step down for the jump down. It is easier than jump-jump.
  • Step up, step down. This makes the movement less taxing yet by eliminating any jumps. Still, if you do enough step ups, as we all know, this will be a challenging workout.
  • Similar to the straight on step up, you can do lateral step-ups where you step up to your side.
  • Running taps. In this exercise, you would stand in front of the box and tap one foot on the top, followed by the other foot, alternating.
  • Single leg lunges. In this exercise, you would stand with one foot extended back on the box, with your back to the box. From this position, you would complete a lunge.
  • V-sits: Place your buttocks on the box and complete a v-sit up.
  • As a vaulting obstacle. Sometimes for our Y-fit classes, you will see us place the Plyo box in the gymnasium as something to run up to and vault over. This may be done, for example, by placing both hands on the box as you swim your legs over.
  • Sitting on! Yes, once in a while, when you are tired, having a good flat surface to sit on is okay!