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“One important key to success is self-confidence.  An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”  Arthur Ashe

The dictionary says that success is the accomplishment of one’s goals. One would find that the thesaurus also uses the word accomplishment for the word success along with gain, benefit, happiness, and achievement.

If one does not have the “self-confidence” to succeed it can become difficult for them. Self – confidence and success go hand-in-hand with each other.

Self-confident people can and will often inspire confidence in others. Gaining confidence is one of the key ways a self – confident person finds success and happiness.  Setting and achieving goals is a key part of this and real confidence comes from goal setting.  Once you have set a goal in your mind you must commit to your success and your journey.  Once you have committed to your journey of success one must also prepare to maintain a balanced journey to succeed.

Preparation or the state of having been made ready aids in one’s success thus raising ones self-confidence. To prepare one must “do their homework” so to speak in anticipation of employed success.  With self-confidence we can prepare to take our first steps in achieving our job search goal.  Prepare to stay on top with positive thinking and enjoy success.

In the Employment and Learning Centre we view success and self-confidence together. Our success is when a person comes to us, gains self-confidence and prepares to start their new journey in employment.  Their success is reaching their goal of employment while gaining self-confidence in job searching and interview with a new resume we have helped them to prepare.

Prepare to reach your goal, set out on your journey and accelerate towards success!!