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“The world is round, the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.” By Ivy Baker Priest

This is life. Life never stays the same; it changes from success to failure and from failure to success; from happy to sad and back again.

To help you gain success in your career, your resume and cover letter must be clear, concise and easy to read. Our Employment Counsellors assist you in your goal towards success with professionally prepared documents for your job search.

Having a good resume seems like the end of job searching, it is really just the beginning. This is the important launch of your job search, and the next steps into interviews and practicing for that all important much-wanted job.

With guidance and expertise, an Employment Counsellor shows you how to navigate this often scary world of job searching.   They give you the foundation of understanding the employment world, and job search techniques to help you find that next job, which may bring the start of a happy new beginning.

The end of one career may also be the opening a new career path in front of you. Try not to stress too much about the end of something, it could actually be the beginning of something wonderfully new.