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Some Successful Tips for Our Job Fair

YWCA Saskatoon will be hosting a Fall Job Fair and Networking Event on September 10, 2019. It will be held from 1 PM to 4 PM at Ramada Saskatoon, 806 Idywyld Drive.  We have great employer representatives and recruiters attending. To learn more about Employers who will be there visit our website at www.ywcasaskatoon.com/employment-learning/jobfair.

Start with a goal or objective. Career fairs are great opportunities to learn about local job opportunities, making initial contact with a recruiter that will ideally lead to a job interview.

What to do before attending the career fair. Get a sneak peak at the organizations that will be attending the fair at the Fair’s Web address above– which should allow you time to conduct key research before attending. Go to each organization’s Website and review its section on its values, missions, goals, as well as its careers/jobs section.

Develop tailored resumes. Once your research on each prospective employer is complete and you have a set of keywords and phrases that each organization emphasizes, develop a tailored resume for each employer.

Map out a fair strategy in priority order. Place the prospective employers that have the best fit and with which you have the most interest first on the list.

Have a clear career focus. Be prepared with an answer to the one of the first questions each recruiter is going to ask you: “So, why are you here?” Providing a sharply defined response will help you stand out from other job-seekers.

Sharpen and rehearse your elevator speech. An elevator speech is a relatively short  commercial that job-seekers use that succinctly tells the person you are giving it to who you are, what makes you unique, and the benefits you can provide to the prospective employer.

Prepare and practice responses to typical interview questions. Focus on traditional interview questions — including ones recruiters love to ask: “Tell me what you know about our organization” and “why do you want to work here?”

Sketch out a few questions you can ask each recruiter. Just as in any interview situation, you should always prepare a few questions to ask the recruiters you meet at career fairs. Remember not to ask really obvious questions or questions you could easily answer from visiting the organization’s Website.

Choose appropriate attire for the fair.  Proper dress consists of a clean-cut, well-fitting, conservative look. You’ll also want to be well-groomed with minimal jewelry and no cologne/perfume. Plan to bring along some breath mints (not gum) too.

Make a good first — and lasting — impression with each recruiter. Wait patiently in line for your chance to chat with the recruiter, using the time to compose yourself and review your employer-specific resume. Once you get your chance to chat with the recruiter, greet him or her with a warm smile, strong eye contact, and a firm (and dry) handshake. Do not overstay your welcome; be friendly, make your pitch, and move on so other job-seekers also get a chance.

Don’t leave without contact information on each recruiter. As you wrap up the interview with the recruiter, thanking him/her for the time, pause to look around the table for a business card. If you don’t see a card on the table, ask for one — that way you’ll have the recruiter’s full name and contact information, which you’ll want for writing a thank-you note.

Jot down notes as soon as you are done with each recruiter. As soon as you get finished talking with one of the recruiters, walk away and take a moment to write down any key points that were discussed and any questions or concerns that were raised. You’ll want to use some of this information in your thank-you note, and the rest, perhaps, in your next interview.

After the fair, write thank-you emails to recruiters. Once you’ve achieved your goal and met with all the recruiters on your list, your immediate next step is to head to a computer and compose individual (and specific to your talks) thank-you emails to each person you spoke with at the fair.

This was based on an article by a Staff Writer at the LiveCareer blog.  Please check out our Job Search Program here: