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Six Tips Every Lane Swimmer Should Know

by Breeanna Tudda, YWCA Fitness on 25th Head Lifeguard

  1. Hydrate before beginning your work-out. It is suggested to drink about 2-3 cups of water beforehand but at least 10 minutes before you start working out so you avoid any cramping.
  2. Eat at least 45 minutes before to avoid any cramping and try to avoid large portion sized meals to prevent any abdominal cramps during your swim. If you want you can always eat a light snack beforehand and then eat a meal after for energy OR you could take some pre-workout powder with water and don’t eat until after you’re workout. Go with the eating routine that best suits you.
  3. Bring a water bottle with you and set it on the edge so you can hydrate between rests.
  4. Lane swimming is beneficial anytime of the day, however if you lane swim in the morning you will be energized throughout the day and if you lane swim a few hours before your bed time you will most likely go to sleep earlier resulting in a longer sleep for the next day. Choose a time that best suits your schedule and keep in mind the benefits of morning and evening swim sessions.
  5. Do dynamic stretches beforehand to loosen up your muscles. Dynamic stretches are used for people who are participating in sports or high/low vagarious activities. They help the body warm up and promote energy. An example of a dynamic stretch would be lunges or arm circle rotations. Do dynamic stretches that benefit your body the most before your swim. After you’re finished lane swimming make sure to stretch afterwards. Post work-out stretches are a different form of stretching than dynamic stretching. Do leg and arm stretches afterwards to conclude your stretching.
  6. Make sure not to push yourself too hard. It’s always good to go above and beyond, however do not push yourself if you haven’t worked-out in a while. If you can only do half of your work-out the first couple of weeks that is 100% fine. Reminder it is not perfection you are achieving, it is progress and sometimes it takes a little longer than we like but it’s worth it in the end.

Please feel free to discuss with myself or our other lifeguards how to get the most from your lane swim workout.