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Showcase Your Top Transferable Job Skills


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By Wendy Coleman

A recent article from suggests “there are many qualities universally desired by employers regardless of their field”. The qualities are transferable skills. Development of these “skills is important as they can transfer from one industry to another”.  These “apply to any industry or experience level to help you know what to prioritize in your job search and develop in your career”.

Transferable skills are “various abilities, knowledge and behaviors … and are transferable because they relate to general work habits and your attitude toward coworkers and clients”. The article notes “employers often seek out candidates with (identified) transferable skills because they show the applicant is flexible and adaptable… and understands the workplace behaviors needed for success”.

According to this article, the “top job skills that will help you succeed in any industry” include:

Decision-making: “to analyze the situation and predict the outcomes of possible actions; using confidence and good judgement” to select the best option

Multitasking: “to manage multiple responsibilities/tasks without neglecting your other duties”

Creative problem-solving: “involves thinking of unconventional solutions to complex issues; creatively approaching problems and overcoming obstacles”

Collaboration: “to work well with team members, deliver high quality work and improve productivity”

Communication: “using good writing and speaking skills … in a central office or remote location”

Professionalism: “the high standard of behavior expected on the job”; includes “timeliness, organization, being self-motivated and accountable for your actions”

Integrity: “to establish yourself as a person who is honest and supportive; your strong morals will enable you to build trust with your supervisor and co-workers and assume more responsibility on the job”

Management: “to coordinate the efforts of your team, delegate tasks and make plans to achieve goals”

Initiative: “ability to motivate yourself to pursue new tasks and produce high quality work”

Empathy: “empathy and emotional intelligence allows you to actively listen to the needs and ideas of colleagues, which promotes teamwork and a company culture that is open to growth and new ideas”

Leadership: “enables you to motivate others to complete tasks, work toward shared goals and improve morale; leadership skills exist at all levels, from entry-level to CEO”

Teamwork: “working well with clients, colleagues, managers, and others in the workplace”.

Whether you’re looking to stay in a similar role or pursuing a new employment goal, highlighting transferable skills related to the type of work you want to do will help an employer with their candidate selection and seriously consider you for that new job.

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The article offers a “Read more” link for each transferable skill.  Go to “12 Top Job Skills for Any Industry: Transferable Skills You Need”.