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Senior Fitness Focus: Improving Balance As You Age


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Senior Fitness Focus: Improving Balance As You Age
By: Fred Smith; YWCA Personal Trainer

As we get older, injuries of any sort become more difficult to come back from. Falling down can result in difficult injuries which may limit what you are able to do and possibly rob you of independence.

Improving your balance can help prevent injuries and retain your independence.

Here are a couple of exercises that are great for training your balance:

Standing on one foot:

  1. Stand on one foot behind a chair (use the chair for stability if needed)
  2. Hold for 15 seconds
  3. Repeat with each leg 5 times

Balance Walking:

  1. Extend and raise arms to shoulder level (like you have wings)
  2. Focus on a spot ahead of you to help you stay steady as you walk.
  3. Walk in a straight line with one foot in front of the other
  4. As you walk, lift your back leg and pause for one second before stepping forward
  5. Repeat for 20 steps – alternating legs.

These are just a couple of great exercises for improving balance. Remember to always feel comfortable before attempting new exercises.

If you are interested in this type of training or any other, come say hello to one of our Personal Trainers. We would be happy to discuss your fitness/wellness goals.