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Click here or read below for some tips on getting into a running routine for the 5th Annual Shine a Light Run on September 25th, 2021.

The 5th Annual YWCA Shine a Light Run is quickly approaching and that could inspire you to begin a walk/jog/run exercise program. Where to start? Should you start? Is running good for you or is it hard on your body? These are some of the questions people ask themselves. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting running tips and video blogs on how to tackle these problems. For many, a jogging or running program can be an excellent way to improve your fitness. And, for almost all, walking is one of the best exercises most people can do. Visit here for regular weekly tips and we will get you going.

Two tips to start you off today! My first tip actually applies to most exercise programs you may undertake. Start slow! Especially if you have not been moving very much of late going out the door and trying to do too much over those first couple runs often results in feeling dejected at your fitness level. Be realistic and aim to leave yourself feeling you still have something left at the conclusion of those first few runs. If the jog/run experience seems like a punishment from some crazy grade 10 phys ed teacher then the chances you will make it a regular habit are likely not that great. My guess is most people envision a shift to a healthier lifestyle that includes more movement. Remember, that’s your goal…to regularly move in a way that helps your muscles and heart and lungs get stronger. Up-tempo running can come later but those first runs…nice and slow. A good goal is a pace, regardless of how far you go, regardless of how slow you think it is, where you can carry on a conversation with a partner. Enjoy yourself and the chances you will be running a month from now improve significantly.

My second tip: find a run buddy. This tip also applies to most types of fitness programs and certainly helps to solidify a new exercise habit. Having a person (or in my case my dog) to make a pact with helps motivate you on the days you might not want to get out the door. Every runner has these days. Even the most experienced marathoners have training days they would rather avoid. Too cold outside, busy day at work, kids busy with activities; the list of reasons to not go can be long and sapping your motivation. Having someone to meet for your run will help you be accountable to them and yourself. An often-quoted number in the fitness industry is it takes most people somewhere around 90 days to create a new exercise habit. What this means is there will be days in those first 90 where just about any excuse will work. A run buddy can help you overcome the excuse and get you out the door.

This is only the beginning of our blog and I will keep the running tips coming. In future tips, I will cover numerous topics on how to improve your running and will be interviewing running and movement experts to help you know how to train effectively and safely. Remember, start slow, enjoy the experience and make the YWCA Shine a Light Run on September 25th part of your fitness journey.