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Revisiting the Squat for members…of all ages


Fitness on 25th, YWCA News

by Fred Dyck, YWCA Fitness of 25th Director of Fitness

As any of our members who know me can attest, I include squatting movements in most if not all fitness classes I host. Whether we are using the squat as part of a warm up or including it in the core part of the workout, this basic movement pattern is important. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just today one of our members forwarded me an article recently published in the Globe and Mail. Its not a long article but reinforces the benefits of this basic movement most of us do every day. Read this article below:

Squat your way to stronger legs by Paul Landini

At YWCA Saskatoon our members practice the squat in many ways…all beneficial. You will see our veteran lifters back squatting in the weight room, a regular occurrence of goblet squats in our members workouts and routines, fitness classes with bench squats, and body weight squats in the pool where the water buoyancy helps even the most challenged. All ages of adults should consider making some form of the squat part of your programming.

And the benefits are measurable. In the last three years with our 50+ class at 7:00 AM Monday through Thursday we have seen many of our 50 to 80 year old members embrace this movement; improving both their mobility and strength in the process. The experience of life is improved when you can move well. Squatting will help. If you are an older adult and looking to retain or even gain in these two areas (who isn’t?) consider dropping into one of our classes. In all YWCA Fitness Centre classes we strive for a comfortable environment where everyone is welcome and encouraged to do your best; measuring your abilities against only yourself…not the person next to you.

Get squatting. Your body will love you for it!