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According to Aviation Job Search article “20 Top CV Tips for 2020 with the high volume of applications the most they’ll (employers) do is skim read to find keywords they are looking for.”

Here’s an overview of the tips:

  • Make your name and contact information the first thing an employer sees
  • Try something new with style, headings and format; just keep it simple and consistent
  • Choose a font not typically used for resumes to help yours stand out – the article suggests Verdana, Arial or Helvetica
  • Ensure the text and white space are balanced to present an appealing document
  • Identify your skills related to the job you are applying for; read and re-read the job description
  • If there are gaps in your work history address them in your cover letter
  • Decide if your recent work experience or recent education should be front and center
  • Think about what the employer needs to see in “8 seconds” that will cause them to read more
  • Include links to your “professional social media profiles, portfolios or blogs”
  • Be brief – one-two pages is ideal! Use bullets for a quick summary of your skills and experience
  • Use simplified terms and avoid jargon or acronyms
  • Use the “CV (resume) hotspot – the upper middle area of the first page” to provide an overview of your “key attributes” related to the job
  • Be confident in stating your qualities; use facts/figures to reinforce achievements
  • Link accomplishments to current or prior work by stating them as part of your experience
  • Highlight any promotions you’ve received to show development/growth with a company
  • State your skills/experience related to the job you’re applying for
  • Include a couple of hobbies/interests; it’s a good way to share a bit more about you
  • Get others to proofread the resume or use tools such as “Grammarly”
  • “DO NOT LIE” about anything on your resume.

The authors suggest that sending a “thank you email” after an interview is action that is not often promoted but can have profound impact!!

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