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Resume Tips That Will Get You More Interviews In 2020, Part 1

YWCA Saskatoon’s Employment and Learning Centre remains closed for in-person programs in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We will continue to provide remote services via email, telephone and social media (Facebook).

We believe it is important to maintain your job search momentum. As such the Employment and Learning Centre will offer you daily job search advice and support that you can complete from home.

Today’s post is another post in the series….

This list of resume tips for 2020 will guide you through updating, revamping, and ultimately crafting a job-winning resume that gets you hired faster.

Understand Your Resume’s Place In The Hiring Process:

Understanding your resume’s place in the hiring process is the first step to creating a job-winning resume and conquering the modern job search. When a position is needed, someone on the Human Resources (HR) team creates a job description based on the team leader/manager’s needs and posts it to the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which is linked to the company’s Careers page. The Applicant Tracking software collects resumes and applications from hundreds of job seekers, comparing resumes to the job posting as well as ranking the top qualified candidates based on keywords from the resumes and “knock-out” questions from the applications. The top qualified candidates (maybe the top 10) will have their resumes looked at by the HR team who will have their own checklist of requirements and preferences.

Write For Your Audience(s):

Now that you understand your resume’s place in the hiring process, you can see that your resume needs to get through Applicant Tracking software and two human gateways before you are selected for a job interview. Resume writing is a balancing act. You have to write your resume for three different audiences: ATS, HR, and a direct supervisor or hiring manager. ATS is looking at the digital formatting of your resume as well as the keywords you’ve included throughout. The HR reader likely has a checklist of requirements and preferences, so you can’t assume this person will know that you have certain skills and experience based on your job titles. A direct supervisor or hiring manager will then need to decide who is a better fit for the job, the team, and the company as a whole among the handful of applicants that made it this far in the process.

Narrow Down Your Job Target:                                                                                                                               

The most effective, job-winning resume is going to be targeted for a specific job. If you’re applying for jobs online, this means the specific job posting. Targeting your resume shows that you understand the goals of the role you’re applying for or pursuing in your job search. A targeted resume will also demonstrate that you can meet and exceed those goals based on your track record over the course of your work history and educational background. If you can’t narrow down your job target, you should either create a targeted resume for each of your job targets or consider working with a career coach, such as at the YWCA Saskatoon Employment and Learning Centre.

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Stay motivated; stay healthy as you achieve your employment goals.