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Powerful Words Kicking off the Women of Distinction Awards: PotashCorp’s Leanne Bellegarde

With only 2 months until the 2017 PotashCorp YWCA Women of Distinction Awards, we are remembering great moments from the 2016 Awards, and the impactful speakers, award presenters, and award recipients who took the stage.

PotashCorp’s Leanne Bellegarde kicked off the Awards in 2016 with powerful words from her heart and her personal experience. As Director, Diversity and Inclusion for PotashCorp, she believes in the value of women working in her sector and in leadership capacities.

Bellegarde served previously on the YWCA Saskatoon Board of Directors and understands the YWCA mission and services well.

“This event is a special one for PotashCorp because it gives us an opportunity to support an organization that does so much to change the lives of people in our communities–the YWCA–whose commitment, support, and development of women and families empowers us all. This event also gives us an opportunity to celebrate women…because women make a difference…honouring their achievements reminds us all of how much of a difference they make.

“They raise us up through their contributions in boardrooms, businesses, institutions, research, community, health, and arts. There isn’t much untouched by women…the research shows that women add value to our bottom line; they challenge us to be more collaborative in our decision making; and ethical decisions are achieved more fully.

“That is why we are such proud supporters of the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards. Recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women is not only inspiring, it is empowering for all of us. Nominees, each of you is a Woman of Distinction. We are genuinely inspired by people like you who are doing their best to make a positive impact. We are honoured to pay homage to your contributions here tonight.”


The Women of Distinction Awards® Dinner is the largest annual fundraising event for YWCA Saskatoon community programs, nurturing the well-being of thousands of women and their families. Tickets and tables for the May 31, 2017 awards dinner are now on sale on Picatic.com or visit https://ywcasaskatoon.com/women-of-distinction/