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Our PreHab & Mobility Class will focus on Lower Back and Hips in May


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In the whole month of May, our PreHab & Mobility Program focuses on an area of the body where majority of people complain about: lower back and hip. Lower back and hip issues have a high rate of occurrence for many reasons. I would like to briefly mention a few of them:

  • The centre of mass of the human body is near the top of the hip bones which is where forces have their greatest applications on human body.
  • Modern lifestyle depends a lot on using machines and technology. This has caused a sedentary lifestyle where physical movements are less encouraged.
  • Acute injuries are also a common reason for lower back and hip issues. I’m not sure if you are familiar with my background… I had a severe injury in my lower back which forced me to do a surgery and later caused issues – and disorders – in my hip and consequently my knees. According to research and also my experience, most of these issues and/or disorders are avoidable and manageable.

The YWCA PreHab & Mobility Program will use the whole month of May to discuss about lower back and hip issues. We will be working the muscles and joints to move properly. We will also train and re-train the Central Nervous System (CNS) to process sensory information supplied by the eyes, ears and other sense organs and receptors of the body and then select the appropriate response to carry out movements.

I host in-person classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:45 pm to 5:15 pm. I will introduce you to a lot of exercises and drills to work on the joints and also soft tissues and sliding surfaces so you can learn not only how to avoid hip and lower back issues but also how to manage them when they occur.


Our PreHab and Mobility Program is popular among our members so if you want to participate in classes make sure to use our app and sign in to save a spot. You can also call our front desk and ask them to help you sign in. If you are unable to participate in one of the classes, you can take advantage of videos I make and upload to our app before the class. In the videos I demonstrate and explain every exercise and drill that I plan to use in the class.